What is equine assisted therapy

What is Equestrian Assisted Therapy?

Equine Assisted Therapy is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach, maximizing the partnerships of the therapist and facilitator with the horse as the teacher. This dynamic, experimental therapy engages people in experiences with horses resulting in profound growth during their personal journeys to wholeness. Horses have the uncanny ability to illuminate who we are. They respond to us as unique individuals and relate to who we are in our hearts and souls. Equine Assisted Therapy asks people to reconnect with their body and heart rather than their analytical mind. People meet themselves – sometimes for the first time - in a safe and trusting environment. Most of the horse related activities are done on the ground and no traditional riding is involved.


Benefits of Horse Therapy

In partnership with horses people can:

• reconnect with their authentic or true self

• learn non-verbal and verbal communication skills

• experience emotional fitness free of anxiety

• create healthy boundaries with others

• be in good relationship with themselves and others

• improve self-esteem and self-awareness

• improve concentration and focus

• develop trust and respect

• manage experiences and memories related to trauma