Heart Reins is an Equine Assisted Therapy Centre that is located at the top of a magnificent Escarpment overlooking the Town of Collingwood, with inspiring scenic views of the breathtaking shorelines of the Georgian Bay.

• Heart Reins offers Retreats and Therapy Sessions for the young and young at heart.

• Sessions are customized to meet specific needs, for individuals, couples, and families.

• Leadership and Team building Sessions are also available for corporate events.

“Come spend time at Heart Reins, and experience life changing results for yourself.  Let me take you on a personal journey of joy and self discovery with my Equine Partners and it will be a journey you will never forget” 

Visitors at Heart Reins can stay at Cranberry Village offering accommodations at special rates exclusive to Heart Reins.

Safety is the number one priority for all participants in equine therapy. Participants often wear helmets and other protective gear for horse riding if required in a therapeutic session.  Equine therapy does not require horse riding for therapy sessions.


Diana ladyshewsky EFP

 “Life is simple and can only be experienced in the Now. Horses know this, live and breathe it, let them show you how.”   Diana

Diana is certified as an Equine Assisted Facilitator and EFP practitioner and the proud owner of Heart Reins.

Diana has a special gift, one that has been with her all her life, even as a small child she felt it. She has a profound and special way of connecting with animals, especially horses.

"This intimacy allows me to facilitate the unconditional love horses have, in assisting my clients to heal wounds and get in touch with their authentic self.”

The road to becoming an Equine Assisted Therapy did not come easy for Diana. She has overcome many challenges over the years. The only real solace Diana knew as a child was her connection to her pets, in this she found comfort, the feeling of safety and understanding. The challenges Diana faced in her formative years became her opportunity for real growth. She studied and worked hard to build a career. As a graduate of Mohawk College, Diana had the formal training required to make a fresh start into new life and embrace her chosen career.

As time passed Diana was able to purchase her first horse in order to reconnect to the calming and intimate feelings she remembered from her childhood years. Diana knew that horses would change her life but she did not know as of yet what form this would take. Diana soon excelled in her field and became a sought-after stylist in the movie industry. In the movie industry, Diana found herself not only working as a stylist but also became empathetic for her employees and also for the many actors that crossed her path. 

It became apparent to Diana that when people relaxed and felt comfortable with her, especially in her chair, they would divulge not only their problems but also their secrets and found solutions. And found a need for a place to heal. This lead to Heart Reins. Diana found when being with nature and the horses this was achieved. Horses have a way to see things as they truly are. In the now, sometimes we get caught up in our own stories. Come and give it a try . Feel the change that is waiting inside of you.

For young teenagers that are finding it difficult to find their place, it is a wonderful place to come to realize their true potential. This can be achieved.

On a trip to Mexico one year, Diana came face to face with her destiny. On a solitary horse ride, while she was vacationing in the Sierras of Mexico, Diana came upon a herd of wild mustangs in the mountains and this experience changed her life. As she and her horse stood among them, all the wild mustangs turned in unison to stare at her as if to say ‘this is your calling’. She again felt the unique familiar connection to horses and the Equine world. At that moment time stood still for Diana and she knew in her heart what she had to do. She had to follow the voice of her inner calling and shortly thereafter Heart Reins was born.